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With our years of experience, we’re an AC repair company that you can trust. We’re equipped to fulfill a variety of needs, and we promise to get the job done right the first time. Thanks to our savvy technicians, you can bid farewell to the stress that comes with AC problems. Best of all, we offer thorough evaluations. We’ll get to the root of the problem to guarantee that your home doesn’t suffer ongoing complications. Discover how easy the maintenance experience can be when you employ our services.

Over the years, we’ve seen a variety of problems. As a result, we’ve gained an array of expertise. Here are some of the most common issues that we mitigate:

1. Refrigerant leaks – These leaks can lead to a faulty climate system. Fortunately, it’s easy to stop them in their tracks.

2. Old filters – When filters get dirty, they prevent your unit from cooling your home. If you’re unsure of how to replace them, we’re at your service.

3. Compressor issues – If your compressor is on the fritz, your unit will start blowing warm air. This can quickly lead to an uncomfortable and stuffy atmosphere.

4. Malfunctioning thermostats – If you don’t know what temperature your home actually is, you’ll spend all day fussing with the thermostat. We’ll remove any defects.

Your Trusted AC Replacement Contractors Near You

Are you dealing with an AC problem and are unsure about its root cause? Our reliable contractors are standing at the ready to offer you excellent solutions. There’s no need for you to worry or panic. You can view us as your cooling partner. No matter the problem with the AC, we can fix it. We can guarantee this because we have years of experience diagnosing and fixing problems with air-conditioners.

You may put off calling us for fear that the repair will be expensive, or you may feel like the problem will be super complicated. We are here to put your mind at ease. Until we do a thorough evaluation of your AC system, you will not know how much it will cost to be repaired or how complicated the problem is. What we promise is that our prices are budget friendly and that our years of experience will make even complicated issues an easy fix.

The following are a few of the most common AC problems we see:

1. Refrigerant leaks can lead to inconsistent temperatures throughout your home. Some parts of the home may be cool and other parts will be warm. Thankfully, there are different ways to overcome leaks and help you to have a consistently cool house again.

2. Dirty filters can cause inefficient cooling. Replacing the filters usually solves the problem.

3. Refrigerant leaks are another common issue that could lead to the compressor failing. If the AC is blowing warm air, this usually signals a compressor issue.

4. Faulty thermostats can also be to blame. If you are noticing uneven temperatures throughout your home, it could be that the thermostat is not calibrated properly.

Our team of technicians is ready to diagnose and fix any AC problem. There’s no need for you to worry. Our expert pros can offer AC repair or replacement in a jiffy to help get your home back to feeling comfortable again.


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Common Cooling System Problems We Encounter

Knowing when to call a trusted professional to get your cooling system issues solved is the best way to prevent small problems from getting big. If you wait for too long, your AC project might turn into a massive and expensive one. Here are just a few popular symptoms of a poorly functioning cooling unit:

  • Your utility bills are unusually high

  • Your unit is experiencing frequent problems

  • Your unit is over 10 years old

  • Your home isn’t sufficiently cooled

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If your AC system is giving you trouble, enlist the help of our skilled specialists. No matter your air conditioning needs, we’re qualified to meet them. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers have a lot to say about our heating and AC services. We strive to build lasting relationships with the customers we serve and do so by being upfront and honest with our pricing and our services. You’ll never pay for anything you don’t need. Best of all, we’re here for you 24/7 in the case of any last-minute emergencies. Check out what our customers have to say about us! Don’t forget to visit our St. Pete Beach service page for more information on our services. You can also find us in Pinellas Park if you need a free estimate.

Highly recommend!

Highly recommended. Had an emergency repair and Randy made an after hours trip to give a quote on a new system. Installation was done quick and efficiently. Entire team of associates were a pleasure to do business with. Will definitely use them for any future service and/or repairs.

– E. Morey
Professional and Knowledgeable

This company knows how to treat customers. They were in contact with me from the time I called for service to the end. Everyone knew what they were doing & treated me with respect. They did a great job & kept me informed about what they were doing. I would not hesitate to call them again.

– L. Smith-Weyl
Very Reliable

I am so thankful to have these guys! They came out right away and were very professional, and understanding. I had some trouble with my motor and they replaced it quickly and painlessly. Todd has been absolutely amazing when it comes to customer service and quality. Thank you so much again, guys! Very happy and feeling cool!!

– A. Cristiano

Laura Smith-Weyl, says:

"This company knows how to treat customers. They were in contact with me from the time I called for service to the end. Everyone knew what they were doing & treated me with respect. They did a great job & kept me informed about what they were doing. I would not hesitate to call them again."

Karl Romboy, says:

"I have used Gulf Coast multiple times and have Always been very happy with the service. They do a great job and I recommend them to everyone that needs AC work. They were recommended to me by a parts supplier as a company that just fixes what needs to be fixed and not just replace everything. Honest people that really support you."

Shaun Quirk, says:

"I am very impressed with the customer service that I have recently received from Todd and his crew at Gulf Coast Heating and A/C LLC. From the initial phone call with Todd, followed up by an automated text message confirming my appointment, and a courtesy call from the technician (Gabe) to let me know he was in route, I had no doubt this company was top-notch. Within a short amount of time my A/C was fixed and running perfectly. I am extremely satisfied and I would feel very confident in recommending this company to anyone. Kudos to Gulf Coast Heating and A/C for the knowledge and professionalism that they affordably provide!"

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