Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens is a botanical garden located in St Petersburg, FL. It is open to public and there is an admission fee. The Gardens were originally established as the private Riviera Gardens by Fredrick R. Locke in the 1920s; the attraction was named Sunken Gardens because of its low-lying areas which are often wet. These areas were once ponds or lagoons used to dispose of waste water from early industries before modern sewage systems were developed. As time passed these ponds were eventually drained and filled with top soil creating what is now lush gardens; it has been said that there are still fossils found at Sunken Gardens dating back to prehistoric times (this fact should be cited). The original entrance way features three brick towers, along with a smaller tower in the middle depicting famous people of that time. Don’t forget to visit our St. Pete Beach service page for more information on our services.


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