Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is a nature preserve located in St Petersburg, Florida. The preserve is home to many different species of plants and animals, as well as historical exhibits throughout the park.

The City of St Pete founded this small but tranquil park called the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve on over 50 acres of land that was formerly a dump site back in 1988. With a little help from some amazing volunteers and employees they turned it into one of the best parks you’ll ever visit. The city has done such an amazing job with this place over the years by adding beautiful walking trails, educational exhibits, picnic areas and even a public pool during those hot summer months (it’s only open seasonally though). If you live or stay in St Pete/Tampa Bay area it’s definitely worth your time to check out this little hidden gem.

You’ll find everything from alligators, snakes and turtles to absolutely stunning water fowl at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. It’s an amazing place where you can spend the entire day without ever seeing the same thing twice! They’re open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day for public viewing. There is no fee required to visit but donations are highly suggested since this place is mainly ran by volunteers and the money goes towards their conservation efforts. Don’t forget to visit our St. Pete Beach service page for more information on our services.


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